Terms and Conditions

The official check in time is 2pm and check out 11am. Check in / out times may be changed subject to availability. It is your responsibility to contact us 24 hours before departure to confirm. Please find further details under the "Check in / outs" section below.

Security Deposit: 

A refundable security deposit of £200 is required. After a property inspection has been completed, payment will be transferred to the bank account specified within 7 working days, providing the following criteria is met:

  • Guests take good care of the property and leave it in a respectful condition.
  • There is no breakage or damage caused to the accommodation or it's contents (including garden, grounds and garage if applicable).
  • No penalty charges are incurred due to illegal activities being carried out within the property or its grounds.
  • The tenants are not evicted by the owner, owner's representative or local law enforcement.
  • Guests comply with AJP's and the resort's rules and regulations.
  • In any complicated circumstances, AJP reserve the right to withhold your deposit for over 7 days until the issue is resolved, with our guarantee that the matter will be managed fairly.

Guests will be required to reimburse AJP Holiday Lets if the total amount of damage and / or extra cleaning charges exceed the amount of the security deposit held. If during your stay we become concerned with the amount of any damages, disturbances or complaints, we have the right to enter the property and ask guests to vacate the premises (in extreme circumstances). If this action is taken, it shall be deemed that the rental agreement has been immediately terminated, and the guests will not be entitled to a refund or any compensation.

It is imperative to inform AJP of any breakage, damage or nonfunctional items / appliances so that we can arrange to replace / repair them in time for the arrival of the next guests. Any claim for compensation due to your failure to report, will then make you liable to reimburse AJP for any financial loss.

Please note: We don't always charge for minor breakages if reported to us before departure.

For the following items, if lost or damaged, the following charges apply:
WIFI Portable Router: £100 (Please note there is an additional deposit required on top of the security deposit if this is selected)
Movie USB Stick: £30
Beach Towels: £10

Keys will be handed over to you on check in and must be returned upon check out to ensure your full security deposit is refunded. In the case of any lost keys, depending on the situation, charges will apply and will be deducted from your security deposit. Please see below:

  • If you have locked yourself out and the key is not inside the lock, we will charge a £30 call out fee to gain access.
  • If however, you have locked yourself out and have left the key inside the lock, we will need to call a locksmith. The charge for this service will be £50.
  • If you have lost your keys, we will need to change the lock. You will be charged £30 for installation, as well as the cost of a new lock and set of keys. We will provide you with a receipt (upon request) and the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.
We use 3 types of safes: Key only, combination only and combination with key.
  • If you have lost the key to the safe, we will make all efforts to purchase a new one. However, if this is not possible, we will have to replace the safe, in which case you will be charged a £30 installation fee and the cost of the safe. A receipt will be provided on request.
  • For combination safes only: We strongly advise that you remember your chosen combination code as the safe does not come with a key. If this is forgotten and the safe can no longer be accessible, the safe will have to be replaced and you will be charged a £30 installation fee and the cost of the safe. A receipt will be provided on request.
  • For combination with key safes: We strongly advice that you remember your chosen combination code. However, if you have been given a key and it has been lost then we will try our best to purchase a new one, if this is not possible, we will have to replace the safe, in which case you will be charged a £30 installation fee and the cost of the safe. A receipt will be provided on request.
  • For any emergency service with regards to opening the safe, a call out charge of £30 will be applied.
Please Note: Upon departure, please make sure the safe is open and accessible to us. 

The inventory consists of a full list of items within the property. This will be reviewed and updated before check in and after check out of every booking. Any damage or loss from previous guests, that we have not yet repaired or replaced, will be marked on the inventory for further investigation in order to resolve the issue(s).

A 30% deposit (non refundable) is required at the time of booking to secure your reservation. We then ask that full payment is received 8 weeks before your arrival date. Please note that if your arrival date is within 8 weeks of your initial reservation, we are entitled to request full payment on booking. We may be able to be flexible with this upon our discretion.

Please note: The 30% payment is not a security deposit, but a deposit towards the total rental amount.


At AJP we have a 8 week cancellation policy. If we have not received full payment 8 weeks prior to your arrival date, your booking will automatically be cancelled without further notice. If you choose to cancel your reservation within the cancellation period, AJP will withhold the non refundable deposit of 30%. If, however, you cancel outside the cancellation period, you will not be liable for any refunds and we will not request any further fees or payments.

Please note: We will confirm the payment due by date, and we will also send you a reminder.

Check in / outs:
The official check in time is 2pm and check out 11am. If you request an early check in or late check out, it is your responsibility to contact us 24 hours before arrival / departure in order to obtain confirmation. Please note that any check in / out between 7pm – 7am will incur an additional charge of £25.

Minimum Stay:
We have a minimum stay policy of 3 nights.

Maximum Occupancy:
The maximum occupancy for any property can be found in the property's description. We may be able to accommodate for more guests, however, you would need to contact us for further information. The cost for each extra guest will be £20 per night.

Optional Payments:

  • Airport transfers are £20 inbound and £15 outbound (per car, seating 4 persons). We can organize as many taxi’s as necessary. It may be possible to book a larger car, please ask in advance to confirm availability and cost.
  • WI-FI is charged at £25 for 3GB and £40 for 10GB of data. (An additional refundable deposit of £100 is required for the router.)
  • Hamper packs with a selection of food and drinks can be provided at a cost of £50. Provisions can be altered to suit your requirements (any additional items may incur an extra cost).
  • Property cleaning and changing of bed linen and towels can be booked in advance or arranged at anytime during your stay. Costs vary depending on the property and can be found in the reservations options. 

Housekeeping Service:
As our properties are self-catering, daily housekeeping service is not included, but can be provided at an extra cost. However, bed linen and towels are supplied with extra items available on request. We kindly ask that you do not use bath towels or linen for beach use, beach towels are provided for this purpose. Failure to comply will result in penalties.

Smoking is prohibited inside. All of our properties are equipped with smoker friendly areas (balcony's, terraces and garden areas).

Pets may be considered at our discretion. Charges may apply.

Changing your booking:
Subject to availability, charges may apply.

Property Pricing:
Rates subject to change without notice. This does not apply to any confirmed bookings. 

Falsified Bookings:
Any booking obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of all advance payments and will result in an immediate cancellation of your booking. Entry to the premises will be prohibited. 

We work very hard to ensure that all our guests have a wonderful holiday, however, should you wish to file a complaint, you must report this to the AJP as soon as reasonably possible in order for us to try and rectify any issues during your stay. If a complaint is made after your departure and could have been reported during your stay, leading to the issue being rectified, the complaint will be deemed as being invalid and any compensation claims will not be considered. Therefore, we strongly advise guests to contact us regarding any issues or complaints as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to take out adequate travel insurance and cover for the duration of your trip.

Use of the property:
Guests shall use the property for the sole purpose of a private holiday residence, for the agreed number of persons and confirmed duration of stay ONLY and no other purpose whatsoever! Guests must not use the property or its grounds for any improper, immoral or illegal purposes. The property must be vacated on the departure date specified, unless agreed in writing with the company (AJP) subject to additional charges.

Alterations to property:
Guests shall not (nor allow others to) make any alterations or additions to the property or its decorations, fixtures or fittings, nor remove any items, whatsoever, belonging to the property or its grounds.

Reporting Disrepair:
Guests must report to AJP regarding any disrepair or defect in respect to the property, its fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances as soon as possible. 

Written Exceptions:
Any exceptions to the policies mentioned above must be approved in writing in advance.

If you have any questions regarding the terms above, please contact AJP Holiday Lets.